Facility to file grievance online.   |   Facility to track status of the grievance filed.   |   Facility to know action taken at each step of grievance redressal.   |   Facility of SMS/Email alert.   |   Facility of Transparent communication between NRIs/PIOs/OCIs/Migrants and Government.   |   Facility to view redressal grievance report after disposal.

Welcome to Grievance Redressal Portal

The objective of UPNRIGRS is to act as a bridge between Government of Uttar Pradesh and NRIs seeking grievance redressal.

This Grievance Redressal Portal will ensure timely disposal of all grievances of NRIs/PIOs/OCIs and migrants belonging to the State of Uttar Pradesh. This portal provides an online platform to the NRIs/PIOs/OCIs for submitting their grievances to the NRI Department.

The monitoring mechanism will provide real time status of the grievance filed. The detailed status of all the activities pertaining to the redressal of grievance will be available online. Information about the district and the police station which are handling the grievance will be provided. This mechanism will introduce transparency and accountability in the system.


  • Grabbing/snatching of ancestral properties by the close relatives
  • Physical/mental harassment of parents by close relatives and neighbours
  • Negligible attitude by the concerned Police Post/administrative Officers of District in respect of dealing grievances
  • Involving in forged litigations
  • Matters related to marital disputes
  • Human trafficking.
  • Problem Related to Land
  • Problem Related to Plot/Flat of Dev. Authority.
Kind of Grievances Handled By
Expiry of period of work permit. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Non grant of permission to the employee to avail leave or his return to the country. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Non-payment of compensation by the employer in case of disability/death. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Passport retained/seized by the employer. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Physical/mental harassment by the employer. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Attestation of records related to litigation cases. MEA , Government of India
Compensation hearing. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Financial/Legal assistance in litigation. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Hearing related to loss of Passport/Work permit/Visa. Passport Seva, MEA, Govt of India
Making arrangements of safe return to country, those who are stranded in overseas due to certain emergencies/unavoidable reason. MEA (MADAD Web Portal)
Sending people to foreign countries/overseas for providing employment. Emigrate
Simplification of procedure of attesting records. MEA, Government of India
Arrangements of white passport of the deceased. Passport Seva, MEA, Govt of India
Arrangements for transportation of the dead body. Passport Seva, MEA, Govt of India
Making arrangements to send the dead body of NRI , brought to India , to his native place. Passport Seva, MEA, Govt of India
Providing assistance to the embassy in the respect of missing persons. Passport Seva, MEA, Govt of India

Click the link “file a complaint” on http://upnrigrs.in/. Fill in your complaint details, and be ready with your passport’s first and last page attachment, as it is mandatory attachment to submit a complaint.

On submitting the complaint, a reference no will be generated, that will be used for tracking your complaint status

Please enter your valid email id in the complaint form, as complaint reference no is also sent to your email id, entered in the complaint form.

  • Open http://upnrigrs.in/ .
  • Click on the link “Track Your Complaint”.
  • Enter the complaint reference no, and click on Search
  • The status of your complaint will be displayed
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